Daikin Aircon

Model: FT25DVM / R25DV1
Type: Non-Inverter
Capacity: 9000BTU


General Features: 
  • More powerful and more precise control
  • Variable capacity operation
  • Intelligent eye prevents energy wastage by infrared sensor to detect human movement in a room
  • Econo mode that enables efficient operation
  • Indoor unit silent operation (Sound level of 25db)
  • Outdoor unit silent operation (Ultra-low sound level of 43db)
  • Photocatalytic Deodorizing Filter
  • Air-Purifying Filter
  • Mold-proof operation
  • Wide-clean flat panel
  • Inverter powerful operation boosts cooling performance for a 20-minute period
  • Power-airflow dual flaps and wide-angle louvers work in tandem
  • Vertical auto-swing and horizontal auto-swing functions
  • 3-D airflow
  • Night set mode
  • Home leave operation mode
  • Special anticorrosion treatment of the outdoor unit’s heat exchanger fin