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Need aircon servicing, aircon repair for your residence or office? We at AireControl have you covered with the most reviewed aircon service in Singapore!

As a TrustSG accredited and BCA registered aircon company, we guarantee top-notch quality aircon servicing and repair to our Singaporean customers. This is backed by our 90-day warranty on all our services.

Our team of experienced professionals can handle any aircon servicing and repair issues that you may face in your Singapore home or office.

We offer a wide range of aircon services including: general aircon servicing, aircon installation, chemical cleaning, aircon repairs, yearly maintenance contracts and more.

We support most aircon brands such as Mitsubishi, Daikin, Panasonic, Samsung, Fujitsu, Carrier, Sanyo, Sharp, Toshiba, LG & etc in both residential and commercial premises.

Aircon Servicing

Our team of experienced professionals provides all forms of servicing which includes General Servicing and Yearly Maintenance Packages.

Aircon Repair

We provide repair services for aircon service board  (PCB) as well as troubleshooting any other faults with your aircon.

Aircon Chemical Wash

We will conduct a thorough overhaul of the air conditioning fancoil unit. This is usually carried out when general cleaning does not improve the condition.

Aircon Installation

We provide installation services for all types of aircon for various brands.

90 Days Warranty on All Aircon Servicing

All our aircon repair, service and maintenance works are backed by 90 days of service workmanship warranty on the work done. If you are not satisfied, we will ensure that it is done right!

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Check out what 175+ satisfied customers say about our aircon servicing and repair service!

What can you expect from our Aircon Servicing and Repair Service?

Aircon servicing in Singapore is essential for everyday living comfort

Air conditioning is essential in everyday living for people in Singapore. Due to the frequent usage, it is recommended to get regular aircon servicing and maintenance done for your air conditioning system before it breaks down. This ensures that the fan coil units are kept in optimal condition.

Hiring a trusted and professional aircon service company in Singapore with proven expertise and experience is therefore a key component to ensuring that your air conditioning system will continue to work effectively and efficiently without breakdown and causing inconvenience to your daily routine.

With regular servicing, you will find that the aircon can last longer which in turn saves you the cost of buying a new air conditioner.

We follow a tried-and-tested routine when it comes to servicing your aircon, that keeps your system in tip-top condition for your maximal comfort.

Also, by having regular aircon servicing done, your air conditioner consumes less electricity and will help you save on your utility bills in the long run.

Our aircon service work scope covers the following

  • Clean & check air filter, front panel & cover
  • Check deodorising and purifying filter
  • Clean & check indoor evaporator coil
  • Clean & check indoor drainage tray (Wall mount fancoil)
  • Vacuuming of drainage pan (Ceiling mount fancoil*)
  • Vacuuming of drainage system
  • Brush & check outdoor condenser coil
  • Check fan bearing and lubricate (if necessary)
  • Check compressor suction and discharge gas pressure
  • Tightening of electrical contacts

Our aircon servicing packages are available at attractive rates. For more information click here.

*Above scope not applicable for ceiling concealed fancoil.


AireControl is an established and accredited company that specialises in aircon servicing and aircon repair in Singapore.

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, we are a trusted name that both commercial and residential customers rely on to service and maintain their aircon systems whenever the need arises.

We serve our aircon customers islandwide throughout Singapore on the back of our growing fleet of 7 service vehicles.

If you’re looking for a reliable aircon service company that you can trust, look no further than AireControl. We are here for you.

AireControl is featured as one of the best aircon repair companies in Singapore. Check it out here: https://www.bestinsingapore.co/best-aircon-repair-singapore/.



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