The aircon is an important asset in your home. The cooling air is important in creating a conducive environment for us to sleep, study, work, watch our favourite shows, and many other activities.

However, an aircon tends to work at lower efficiency after about a year in operation.

When the device begins to show weaknesses, it is imperative to find a reputable aircon servicing provider to help you service your home aircon.

The aircon needs to be serviced regularly in order to have a longer lifespan. If it is properly maintained, it can last for up to 10 years without worry of a hot humid night that affects your good night sleep or your productivity at work.

Here are 5 things to note when getting aircon servicing done for your aircon at home:

Annual maintenance audit

Do take up a contract servicing period if you can. It is like a periodic audit of your aircon, whether it is every 6 months or every year.

An annual maintenance contract ensures a peace of mind to provide cool fresh air to your homes. It also ensures your aircon unit does not break down unexpectedly.

An annual maintenance contract depends on when you think fit is the best time of the year to get your aircon serviced. Some things to consider below include but not limited to:

  • Is it due to your annual leave so that the contractors can meet you directly when you are free at home?
  • Is it due to your usual overseas holiday period so that you can get them to repair once you are back home?
  • Or is it due to the exam period of your kids whereby they require their homes more frequently for studying at a certain period of the year to prepare for their papers?

Maintenance frequency

A periodic contract helps you to enjoy discount or other special rates on repair costs for any old parts or replacement of parts that may arise due to wear and tear.

It helps you reduce the lack of maintenance of your aircon too.

Different durations of inspections have different considerations.

A yearly inspection type differs from a bi-annual one as they have different standards and expectations to consider, according to different lifespans of the aircon components.

The compressor may be different from the fan coil unit. One may last longer than the other.

The engineers and technicians from the service team will know better how to look at such things and take action.

Reputation of the aircon service vendor

Always search for a good vendor who has experience in getting your aircon maintenance job done.

Try to ask your good friends or relatives for the experiences they have in getting aircon servicing.

If you do an online search yourself, do read the customer reviews of that particular contractor.

Read the service descriptions in better detail – for example:

  • What did the contractor do to maintain your aircon
  • Were there any occurrences of spoilage that the aircon needed any repair
  • How long did the contractor complete the servicing
  • Is the contractor friendly

Needless to say, the more good reviews than bad ones, the vendor is generally more acceptable.

Research on your aircon information

When you first purchase the aircon, rightfully you will be given a warranty card.

The warranty card is an important factor to consider on servicing because a proper warranty can help you enjoy a complimentary service on your aircon for 1 to 2 years, depending on what is put forth in the agreement of purchase.

There are aircon details to consider before you engage a service provider – model, brand, type and the date of installation.

Even if you are not engineering or technically inclined, you can just refer to these details in the manual and instruct your service provider.

The technicians and engineers will know what to do accordingly because they have a standard operating procedure on how to maintain or service according to the model type.

Not every aircon has the same needs.

Usually, this depends on the size, fan speed and other factors. But you need to know how often you use that home aircon of yours.

Do you use it only at night? Do you use it only during some nights?

If you are using the aircon unit 8 hours daily, then it is more likely that you will need to have it cleaned quarterly to ensure that the parts of the aircon function properly.

Communicate clearly your needs

After you have shortlisted your aircon service vendor, it is also prudent to talk to them and convey clearly what are your concerns with servicing your aircon and if the vendor in question can address all of the mentioned issues.

Sometimes you can get a bad service experience from a supposedly reputable vendor because of miscommunication right from the start. Such situations should and can be avoided if all the concerns were discussed in detail before the start of the service.


It is a given that your aircon units at home require regular servicing and maintenance to keep them in good working condition.

This will extend the working life of your aircon equipment and save you on electricity bill and equipment replacement cost in the long run, not to mention the health benefits for your whole family with the cleaner ventilated air from the serviced aircon units.

Bear in mind the 5 points mentioned above and you should have no trouble getting a quality aircon service provider for your needs. If you’re looking for aircon servicing right now, talk to us.