Repair Service for Airconditioner Circuit Board (PCB)

The repair work involve testing and replacing of faulty electronics components.

Printed Circuit board (PCB) testing and repairing work are carry out in our workshop.

Click on this link aircon PCB repair articles to find out more on repair of circuit board.




  • Dismantling of circuit board on-site
  • Send to workshop for investigation
  • Advice customer on final repair costs upon investigation
  • Carry out repair work upon confirmation
  • In-house testing of circuit board for 2-4 days upon repair
  • Install back the circuit board and test operation
  • Cost saving as compare to purchasing new circuit board
Note :
Above pricing are indicative only. The repair charges varies with the complexity of the repair work as well as the capacity of the air con equipment in general. We will advice customer the final cost upon investigation. Customer have an option to cancel repair upon final quote. Under such circumstances, we will collect $21.40 (inclusive GST) for labour and transport to return the circuit board. Alternatively customer can self-collect the circuit board at no additional charge.

90 days on service workmanship (on scope of repair only).
Estimated PCB Repair Price
 Indoor Fancoil Outdoor Condenser  
$150 – $250 To be advised upon site-inspection
* See Notes below    * See Notes below
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