Daikin Aircon

Model: 2MKD58DVM & 2MKS40FV (R410 Model)
Type: Condenser
Capacity: 5.8 kW
Running Current: 3.9 – 9.0 Amp
Noise level: 46 dB(A) (Outdoor Unit)


General Features: 
  • Energy saving: Daikin inverter power control reduces power consumption by approximately 30%.
  • More powerful and more precise control
  • Variable capacity operation
  • Anti-Corrosion treatment of outdoor heat exchanger
  • Economic mode for outstanding energy saving
  • Outdoor unit silent operation
  • Self-diagnosis with digital display
  • Inverter powerful operation boosts cooling performance for a 20-minute period
  • Power-airflow dual flaps and wide-angle louvers work in tandem
  • Priority-Room setting
  • 3-D airflow
  • Night set mode
  • Home leave operation mode
  • 24 hour On/off timer function