There are many factors that lead to the formation of ice on the air conditioner. Some of these reasons are clog cooling coil, insufficient refrigerant, a filthy filter and damaged parts. When the aircon ices up, it is best to call an aircon professional to assess the situation and pinpoint the cause.

Here, we will elaborate on three common causes of ice formation on your aircon:

1. A Dirty Filter

An aircon situated in a frequented area, or exposed to a lot of dust (such as busy offices) can develop a filthy filter fast. This leads to ice formation and the freezing up of the aircon. To prevent this, do clean the filter every 2 weeks, or more often if the aircon is in a heavily utilised area.

2. A Clogged Cooling Coil

The cooling coil function is heat transfer between the surrounding warm air with the cod cooling coil. If there is insufficient heat transfer, the cold cooling coil may be cool down to a condition where ice start to build up. To rectify this problem, a servicing or even a chemical cleaning is needed depending on the coil condition.

3. Inappropriate Amount of Refrigerant

Refrigerant that is too low in amount is one of the common causes of ice formation on the aircon. When there is insufficient refrigerant, the incorrect expansion of refrigerant will result in icing of coil. The air conditioner will not be cooling as well. An aircon professional will be able to accurately ascertain if your aircon refrigerant level is just right, with the appropriate action then taken to fix the aircon.