In hot and humid Singapore, we often rely on air-conditioned comfort. To ensure a hassle-free air-conditioning experience, it is useful to remember that air-conditioners also require regular maintenance.

Many people often make the mistake of servicing their air-conditioners only when they are down. They do not realise that the air-conditioners may have developed complex problems over time that cannot be satisfactorily solved within a day. The potential result is frustration and more money forked out to repair a broken-down air-conditioner. To avoid this, it is thus important to have our air-cons regularly serviced.

Understandably, many people try to service their air-cons themselves. This is possible, but only superficially. The owner is able to open the air-con to remove and wash the filter with water. However, only a professional will be able to offer the expertise of clearing the drainage pipe, cleaning the fan blower, washing the main cover and water tray, servicing the outdoor condenser, checking the gas pressure and overall identify any underlying fault that may be unobtrusively present.

In engaging a professional air-con company, it is good to research on the different companies’ background. Points to note in your selection process:

1. Is the aircon company a legitimate registered company?

Some company is not even registered but still operate. A private limited (Pte Ltd) company with a good paid up capital assure its establishment.

2. Does the aircon company have a proper registered business address?

There are companies that operate with bogus address. This is hard to ascertain unless customer physically go to the location to verify. There are still ways to verify which is by looking out for small details. One example is to check if the unit number of the address displayed. Another example is to check if the address is a residential or commercial location. Established company will have factory or offices in commercial location rather than registering with a residential unit.

3. Is the aircon company established and accredited official agencies like CASE, TrustSG, BCA & etc?

With such accreditation, a lot of ambiguity is eliminated as those are basic requirement. Customer will be assured of proper channel of redress whenever there is dispute. Company with accreditation honour their warranty as well as their terms & conditions of work.

4. The strength of the company which can be reflected from the employee number.

If a company proclaim that they are large however it’s always the same phone operator, technician or manager that respond, something may be amiss. There are companies who do not have any employed work force but rely on sub contractors or illegal foreigners to do the job.
Besides expertise, it may also be prudent to select a professional company with the resources and manpower to cope with the (sometime unexpected) demands of air-condition servicing to ensure a smoother professional servicing experience.