The biggest advantage of an inverter aircon system is energy saving. With inverter technology, air conditioner can vary its power output to precisely maintain room temperature. Inverter technology also enables high powered start up which lets you enjoy fast cooling up to 25% faster than conventional air conditioner.

Below is an excerpt from Toshiba with regards to their inverter technology.

Inverter Technology
The innovative inverter technology achieves high power and high efficiency simultaneously. Inverter control rapidly reaches the desired temperature by increasing compressor operating frequency. When the temperature has been attained, the inverter control adjust the compressor rotation speed (frequency) to efficiently maintain precise temperature control without consuming excess power. This offer remarkable energy saving control and efficient economical operation.

Optimum Comfort
Toshiba inverter technology maintains precise control of room temperature and creates a comfortable environment. In conventional units, compressor triggers on/off to adjust to the desired room temperate. This causes great fluctuation in the indoor temperature. With inverter technology, the power to the compressor is reduced rather than cut off and this provides superior control in maintaining the desired temperature. By putting an end to on/off compressor operation, the technology also significantly reduce noise level.

Efficient-Saving and Economy
Toshiba inverter features energy-saving operation that reduces annual power consumption by as much as 40% compare to conventional units. The variable power level of the compressor allows evenly maintain of room temperature so less energy is wasted. Moreover, without the surging on/off of compressor operation, the compressor can operate at as low as 1.5kW, saving a bundle of energy.