User frequently encountered scenario of switching on the aircon and found it to automatically off by itself minutes later. There are a number of possible faults that could trigger such respond.

  1. Faulty power switch
    Most fancoil is design to have a switch which enable the air conditioner to operate in the absent of a remote control. If this switch is faulty, it may turn the air con Off or On unpredictably (auto on/off).
  2. Faulty indoor fancoil printed circuit board (PCB)
    A printed circuit board controls the function of the air conditioner. If the circuit board is damage, it may stop operation totally or turn off shortly after power on.
  3. Faulty components in air conditioning system
    This is probably the most common causes of air conditioner auto off by itself fault. Most new air conditioning system is intelligent enough to detect possible component failure. Whenever a component is detected to display faulty symptom, it will stop the operation as a preventive option. Hence the air conditioner will turn off and normally the operation light will blink to indicate activation of this protective function.

To identify what is the exact problem, we advice that a professional aircon company to be engage to assess the air conditioning system.