Circuit board (PCB) repairing used to be a common practice. However, with technological advancement, the circuit board design grew so complicated, making repairing a challenge. Moreover the aircon servicing market is flooded with inexperience contractors who can easily register their own companies. These contractors, when faced with difficult problems will always recommend to replace instead of repair and some even advise to replace the whole aircon system. The contractor doesn’t stand to lose any profit, but this is not the case for the unwitting customer who may pay more than necessary.

Why repair the air conditioner circuit board (PCB) instead of having a new replacement? Other than having a new board which you will not get to admire anyway (it is inside the air conditioner), I cannot think of any other advantages. On the other hand, I can list a few advantages of repairing the circuit board:

1. Repair at Lower Cost
Repair cost could be ½ or ⅓ lower than the cost of replacing new circuit board (PCB). The cost of purchasing a whole circuit board is definitely higher than replacing the components in it. We realised that the high cost in purchasing of the circuit board can lead to several cost related problems which are listed below.

2. Warranty
The warranty for the new circuit board (PCB) is not any longer than a repaired one. In some cases, the warranty is even shorter. Reason being the manufacturer who sells the circuit board does not give the aircon contractor any warranty at all! The contractor will have to absorb the risk, hence they are unwilling to provide a long warranty period.

3. Other damages
It is common that other components, for example the internal motor, to be damaged and in turn short-circuit(damage) the PCB. When a new circuit board (PCB) is installed, it will be damaged as well. In such cases, the contractor and customer may be locked in dispute of who should bear the cost of the new damaged circuit board. If the circuit board was repaired instead, such disputes will be easier to resolve as no high cost was involved in the purchase of a new board.

4. Incorrect Diagnosis
If an inexperienced technician incorrectly diagnoses a circuit board problem, they will insist the PCB is damaged even after having the same problem with a new circuit board. This is to cover for the cost of purchasing a new board. Some contractors may seem to absorb the cost but quote higher or more than necessary on other repair works, which in an indirect way still covers the cost of purchasing the board.

5. Incorrect Modification
If an aircon circuit board is already obsolete and no longer in production, some contractors may try modifying the system with some other circuit board or components. This type of modification is strongly not recommended as incompatible parts may cause problems like damage to other parts in the aircon and burnt or short circuit of component and wiring. If a circuit board is repaired, the above will be prevented from happening.
Essen higher cost is involved in purchasing of the circuit board, this will create problems if there are hiccups. To avoid such incidents and some cost saving, we will advise to first get the board repair. If repair is not an alternative then go for replacement.