In a nutshell, general aircon servicing that is done regularly helps to maintain the efficiency of your air conditioner, and in turn prolongs its lifespan. An air con starts to work at lowered efficiency after about a year’s usage. If properly maintained, your aircon may last for up to ten years. In the process of usage, the chances of having to face the frustration of a hot humid night with a broken down air conditioner is greatly reduced. This will in turn save you the potentially hefty cost of repairing a faulty aircon in the long run.

Regularly aircon service enables it to function with maximum efficiency. The result is you will have fresh filtered clean air that is consistently cool. This is especially helpful for people who are prone to skin allergies, asthma and sinus. If the air con is not well maintained, it will become clogged with dust, reducing its efficiency. The result is polluted air being circulated around.

Also, a dust-clogged air conditioner means more energy is required for it to function. You may need to adjust the temperature lower than usual to enjoy the cool air. This will contribute to increased electricity usage, resulting in higher electrical bills.

Servicing your aircon also helps to promote a peaceful, noiseless environment. An air conditioning unit that is not well oiled may become noisy after a period of time. Keeping the internal parts of the air con well-maintained by periodical servicing will go a long way in promoting a healthy air conditioner, thus ensuring a good night’s rest.