Mitsubishi Air Con Outdoor

Model: MUX-24TV (System 2)
Capacity: 7 kW


General Features: 
  • Easy clean design reduces your electricity bill by approx. 45%
  • Anti-allergy enzyme filter plus catechin filter (MSY-GA10/13/18/22/26VA)
  • Catechin plus air purifying system (MS-A08/10/13/18/24/30VD)
  • PAM uses electricity efficiently and saves even more energy
  • “Econo Cool” energy saving feature
  • The quietest air-conditioner in the market (Sound level of 21db for MSXY-GA10VA)
  • Cleaning-free, pipe-reuse technology
  • Environment friendly design
  • One-touch powerful cool system (for MS-A08/10/13VD)
  • Wide and long airflow (for MSXY-GA18/22/26VA & MS-A18/24/30VD)