An air conditioner that leaks water is a common problem. Here are three common reasons for this occurrence.

First, a clogged pipe is one common reason leading to aircon leaking problem.The air con absorbs excess water vapour from its environment. This water is then drained into a drainage tray which flows into a pipe connected to the nearest toilet. When this pipe is clogged with dust and/or debris, water will start to build up, leading eventually to a water leakage.

Secondly, a clogged drainage tray will also contribute to a aircon leaking. When a drainage tray is clogged, the water can’t discharge out to the drain pipe and instead overflow from the tray. In addition, a clogged drainage tray may contributes to an unpleasant odour emitted from the air con due to accumulated mould in the tray.

An air con contractor will have the required equipment to perform a cleaning of the drainage pipe and the tray. If the aircon is often used, regular Air con servicing will be able to keep the pipe clear of dirt and mould, hence pre-empting leaks.

Thirdly, water may leak from the back of the fancoil unit. The new design of fancoil units adopts a A shape cooling coil design which enable the fancoil to be build smaller. This design required the drain water from the top coil to be directed first from the back of the fancoil then to the water tray. If the back drain path is clogged, water leaks out before they are flow into the tray.

For clogged back drain path, normally the fancoil unit needs to be dismantled down and chemical cleaning of the fancoil may be recommended.