If you are keen on performing aircon servicing on your own, it is possible, but please be aware of the limits in self-servicing. Here, we will explore what can be done by the owner, and what is best left to the professionals. This will provide you with insight on the technical expertise needed in adequately servicing an aircon, and how professional air con servicing may ultimately save you money in the long-run.

Generally, an air conditioner needs to be professionally cleaned inside and out at least 3 times yearly (though this also depends on factors such as the frequency of usage, the condition of the surrounding & etc). Because dust, grime, smoke and dirt will get trap in the cooling coil, this results in poor heat transfer which result in less cooling from the air conditioner. Also slim produce from the dirty cooling coil cause congestion in the air conditioning drain piping which results in aircon leaking problem. A quarterly professional cleaning help to prevent the above problem as well as maintaining the efficiency and lifespan of your air con.

You may service your air con on your own, but this is limited to normal cleaning, such as washing of the air-con filters and wiping of air conditioner plastic cover.

For thorough aircon service like a chemical wash, it is also possible to DIY, but it also only to a superficial level and not a thorough work. A proper chemical cleaning or overhaul requires the air conditioning unit to be dismantled down and strip apart to chemical clean each part individually. Upon completion, the aircon unit need to be assembled and re-install. Proper chemical overhaul is definitely a must to be carry out by professional aircon contractor.

However, for a truly thorough air con servicing, only a professional aircon contractor will be able to accomplished. He will also possess the expertise to detect any inconspicuous underlying fault and nip it in the bud early. Thus, a thorough air con servicing by a professional will help the air con maintain its efficiency and lifespan (barring quality factors like manufacturing defects). This will translate into cost savings in the long run versus spending a lot of money to repair an air con that has not been regularly well-maintained.

On the home owner’s side, it is good to ask your professional air con company for cleaning tips based on your particular air con. A two-pronged approach will help to save costs in the long run.