Refrigerant pressure in the air conditioning system must be maintained at a correct pressure in order to produce optimal cooling. Too much or too less refrigerant in the system will both results in insufficient cooling and energy wastage. Below are brief descriptiion of some symptoms of incorrect refrigerant charge.


Pressure too high (overcharge of refrigerant)

Too high of a pressure will result in insufficient cooling as well as higher electrical energy consumption resulting from higher operating pressure of compressor. Energy is also lost due to longer compressor operation to achieve the set indoor temperature. Another drastic consequence of overcharge is liquid refrigerant return causing damage to compressor motor.


Pressure too low (undercharge of refrigerant)

Too low of a pressure will too result in insufficient cooling. Electrical energy is also lost in this case as the aircon keep operating to achieve the set indoor temperature but to no avail as there is isn’t enough refrigerant to achieve the cooling. Another symptom is frosting of the cooling coil which may cause water leaking.


Checking of pressure in air conditioner system will be best carried out by a qualified technician. It may be dangerous in certain case for user to check refrigerant pressure as some equipment may operate at pressure as high as 150psi. This may result in injuring of the hand by frost bite. Also a knowledgeable technician will know how to interpret the result in cases where pressure reading is abnormal. Other component of the air conditioning system will need to be investigate to find out the causes of the abnormal pressure reading.