In our article “About Chemical Cleaning”, we briefly described the process of fancoil chemical cleaning. However,there are many variations of chemical washing provided by different aircon contractors  at different pricing.

An air conditioner that leaks water is a common problem. Here are three common reasons for this occurence.


  1. What is an air-con chemical cleaning?

User frequently encountered scenario of switching on the aircon and found it to automatically off by itself minutes later. There are a number of possible faults that could trigger such respond.

The advancement in air conditioning technology has resulted in designs that  enable superior energy saving ability and improved functioning of the air conditioner.

Noisy air conditioners are one of the common problems encountered. The reasons may be of a singular nature or due to multiple faulty functioning in the air con.

In hot and humid Singapore, we often rely on air-conditioned comfort. To ensure a hassle-free air-conditioning experience, it is useful to remember that air-conditioners also require regular maintenance.

If you are keen on performing aircon servicing on your own, it is possible, but please be aware of the limits in self-servicing. Here, we will explore what can be done by the owner, and what is best left to the professionals.

In a nutshell, general aircon servicing that is done regularly helps to maintain the efficiency of your air conditioner, and in turn prolongs its lifespan. An air con starts to work at lowered efficiency after about a year’s usage.

The aircon cools a room by sucking the heat from the air. When the aircon is not running optimally, it is not able to pull in the heat from the air and emit it out at an efficient rate, thus taking a longer time to cool a room.