1. What is an air-con chemical Cleaning?
In a nutshell, an aircon chemical cleaning (sometime known as chemical overhaul or chemical washing) is a thorough cleaning of the air conditioning system by taking out the individual parts of the aircon unit, inspecting them for any (otherwise hard to detect) problems, and cleaning them individually in a chemical solution.This “spring-cleaning” of the air conditioner system will keep the air-con well maintained, hence extending the lifespan, and largely pre-empting potential “sudden” breakdowns.


2. How is an aircon chemical wash done?

  • Fan coil is dismantle from wall for chemical wash: This will enable a more thorough wash, with the chemical residue being thoroughly washed away.
  • Cleaning of fan coil with chemical solvent: This helps the air-con to emit cleaner filtered air.
  • Checking and keeping the fan bearings well-greased: This will ensure the smooth, quiet operation of the air-con (as opposed to a noisy, vibrating air-con).
  • Cleaning the internal fan of dust and debris: This will allow the air emitted from the air-con to be clean, free, from dust.
  • Washing of internal air-filter: A clean, cleared air-filter will emit purer air, especially important for people sensitive to allergies and sicknesses. A clean internal air-filter also promotes efficient energy running of the air-con.
  • Drainage system is flushed with chemicals: This will help to deter water leakage.


3. Advantages of an aircon chemical wash
Some of the benefits of a air conditioner chemical wash are:

  • The air con system is rejuvenated with removal of dirt and debris, resulting in effective cooling of the room
  • The smooth, noiseless running of the air con
  • Increased efficiency of the air con, hence less electrical consumption
  • Elimination of water leakage
  • Elimination of foul smell from the air con
  • Pre-empting future potential serious breakdowns, leading to costlier repairs and/or replacement