Air Conditioner

Who doesn’t love retreating to an air-conditioned room? This is the only way to gain respite from the tropical heat of Singapore. Most of us probably even give out handy aircon-related tips to our friends, family and loved ones.

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Due to the tropical weather in Singapore, we are highly-dependent on air conditioning at home, office, shopping malls, etc. Functional air conditioning units are necessary for families and corporations alike, during all times of the day and night.

Excerpt form Straits Times, 22/10/2015

“ In a bid to cut Singapore’s energy consumption, the National Environment Agency (NEA) will phase out less energy-efficient air conditioners by September next year.

Computer room air conditioner (CRAC)

Let us look at the advantages of Precision air conditioners over comfort/standard air conditioners for data centers and server rooms. Of course, people use precision air conditioners (or something better) by default in data centers, these days.

In Singapore, conventional air conditioner (non energy saving) is already phasing out. This is due to a ban on the import of such products by the government. Only the new energy saving inverter aircon which passes the energy rating is allowed.

One of the most common air conditioner problems is improper operation. If the air conditioning is on, be sure to close the windows and doors.

Circuit board (PCB) repairing used to be a common practice. However, with technological advancement, the circuit board design grew so complicated, making repairing a challenge.

The biggest advantage of an inverter aircon system is energy saving. With inverter technology, air conditioner can vary its power output to precisely maintain room temperature.

Refrigerant pressure in the air conditioning system must be maintained at a correct pressure in order to produce optimal cooling. Too much or too less refrigerant in the system will both results in insufficient cooling and energy wastage.

Essentially, this is due to a faulty air con system. There are a few possible causes for this: