AireControl is an established and accredited company that specializes in various aircon services. We are well trained in repairing and servicing for different brands – in both residential and commercial premises. Our services include aircon installation, chemical cleaning, yearly maintenance contracts and more.

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Our company has been in the air conditioning industry for the past 15 years and our technical teams have accumulated vast experience in various services. We are also actively training our technicians to advance their knowledge in new technologies...

Our accreditation & awards

Our accreditation & awards

In 2007, AireControl achieved the TrustSg accreditation. Having a TrustSg seal is an indication that the company is a credible, efficient and trustworthy e-merchant. As the TrustSg initiative is backed by the Singapore Government, being TrustSg accredited brings prestige and credibility.

Airecontrol was presented with the Successful Entrepreneur award in the year 2010 for business excellence and professionalism.

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The Importance of Using an Accredited Company
At AireControl we believe that there is more to being a successful aircon servicing company / contractor than providing our customers with quality products. The reputation we have built over the last 14 years is based on much more than the high quality of our air con service. Our commitment to our customers has earned us the coveted TrustSG Seal. For information on our company, please visit the About Us page. For more info on the importance of engaging a professional company, click on this article – Importance of engaging a professional aircon company contractor.

About AireControl
AireControl aircon servicing company was incorporated in Singapore and has been specializing in air conditioner maintenance for the past 15 years. We have a strength of 17 service vehicles providing island-wide aircon service for both commercial and residential air conditioning systems. Our skill and professionalism will provide you with a cost effective and pleasant experience. Call us today to know more about us and how we can offer better care for better air.

Aircon Servicing Deals
There is no bigger responsibility than providing clean breathable air to our customers. At AireControl, we understand the importance of providing excellent after sales service. We provide competitive contract maintenance at affordable prices. Further discounts are available through regular deals and promotions. We run these promotions in conjunction with our business partners. Please visit our Aircon Services page for current promotions. For other info on aircon servicing, click on this article – Professional vs DIY service.

Air Conditioner Unit Repairs
Sometimes air conditioner units break down, it happens. We have the training and experience to resolve any issues that may pop up with minimum hassle. We will check your system and diagnose any faults. We can fix pretty much anything that can go wrong with an air conditioning unit. It doesn't matter if your air conditioner is leaking, or if it simply needs a service or chemical wash. We solve it all. For more info on chemical cleaning, click on this article – Aircon chemical cleaningOur ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction is such that we are not happy until you are completely satisfied.

The Importance of Energy Efficiency
As electricity prices continue to increase, air conditioner efficiency is becoming increasingly important. Thanks to the continuous drive for energy efficiency, many manufacturers have adopted advanced inverter technology which is one of the most energy-efficient ways to cool your home using electricity. When comparing energy consumption for different air conditioners, you may refer to the NEA Energy Label on the product. This label provides a simple yet reliable energy-efficiency rating. Do remember to perform regular servicing to keep the air conditioner operating at optimum.

Have you wondered what DIY aircon servicing involves and how often it’s necessary? Or what is aircon chemical cleaning and what can be expected of such a thorough overhaul? Or the difference between normal air conditioners and energy-efficient air conditioners? Do you have many more other questions on air conditioning? Visit our Aircon Servicing FAQ and Articles pages to find the answers.

Air Conditioner Circuit Board (PCB) Repair
The advancement in air conditioning technology has resulted in designs that enable superior energy-saving abilities and improved functioning of air conditioners. The new technology uses a printed circuit board to perform complex communication, data calculation and output operation. The circuit board and its components, like any other parts in the air conditioning system, are subject to lifespan exhaustion as well as damage. Replacing such sophisticated circuit boards can be costly. Fortunately AireControl provides repair service for damaged circuit boards (PCB) at a fraction of the price. Our warranty period for repaired boards is similar to those of new boards which reflects our confidence in repair work. Ironically, a new circuit board does not work better than a repaired one and is still subject to the same risk of damage by external factors. For more info on circuit board repair, do read this article.

Tips to Help You Save Energy
In the face of sweltering temperatures caused by global warming and the Zika virus threat, more people may switch on the aircon to keep out mosquitoes and beat the heat. Here are some simple tips to help you save energy whilst keeping your power bill in check:
1. It is best to use an energy-efficient aircon. If you intend to purchase an aircon, do factor in the aircon's energy-efficiency rating before buying.
2. Set your aircon temperature at a constant 25 degrees Celsius. If necessary, you could also use the aircon's timer to prevent it from running the whole day.
3. It is also helpful to service your aircon regularly to ensure clean filters and efficient running – to avoid energy wastage.


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